About Piano Ping

Dear Viewers, Welcome to Piano Ping. Piano Ping is a Music Education platform where you get Piano Western Notations of Old Hindi Bollywood Songs and Old Songs Notations for all languages. Previously Piano Ping was a project for Staff Sheet, but as we are in demand for Western Notations, we have re-design Piano Ping for our Music Learning audience.

So, if you are searching for songs notations from 1990’s and old, you are on right place. Piano Ping is here to provide you quality notes sheet for your favorite old songs.

Piano Ping is a website which is owned and maintained by Piano Daddy team. The only difference between both sites is Piano Ping will only provide Old Songs. You can subscribe our Email Subscriptions for daily updates. As of now we will daily update 5 Songs Notations on Piano Ping.

What We Provide On Piano Ping?

If you are new to Piano Ping, you must have knowledge what Piano Ping will actually provides you. Piano Ping will provide you Theory Section, Notations Section, Video Section and Live Lessons.

In theory section, we will cover basics of Piano Education and Music Education. Then we will let you know how to ready our notes, how it works etc. In video section you will see the videos which are designed to see and play concept by which students will learn fast how to play piano.

How we are different from others?

Our platform teach you in most easiest form by which you can 100% learn the tricks to Play Piano. Our theory is designed for all age groups where we have 5-10 years old kids also and we have 70+ years age students also on our website to learn.

We also have live Skype lessons for those who want face to face conversions, questions, queries on very low charges. All seasons will conduct by Sanchit Telang.

If you have any suggestions or questions you can ask on support@pianodaddy.com

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